APPLE BLOSSOM HOME Grantham,  New Hampshire

300 Years of Design to Learn From.

This house echoes the historic 1700-1800 New England connected ‘Big house, Little house, Back House, Barn’ style, nestled into an existing apple orchard. The main axis was bent so the garage and drive removed the least trees. A screen porch and the daylight basement open to the orchard, a sloping meadow and a forested valley above a stream. Careful site planning provides cool areas and cross ventilation throughout in summer and radiant sunlit rooms during the winter.

Due to the remote rural site and the owners’ desire to keep in sync with natural cycles, the upper floor views of dawn and dusk are untamed by curtains. The main floor walls define the layout of the rooms but do not enclose them. From any place the views open to nature on three or even four sides of each room. Wall colors were chosen to accentuate the seasonal colors of each room- from the cool summer green entry and screen porch to the winter sun of the kitchen and the winter sunset colors of the living and dining rooms.

Stussenberg Construction , New Hampshire


In planning this project, the goal of the owners was to show that you could build a new, beautiful day-lit, green, solar home in the ‘Old Portland’ style.

This home reflects the style and craftsmanship of traditional bungalow design while incorporating the modern elements of more open floor plan, and an entry atrium space meant for entertaining crowds. The majority of materials used were picked for their sustainable attributes and the design utilizes many traditional techniques for maximizing energy efficiency. The mechanical systems and the heating and air conditioning make use of solar electricity and hot water production.

Contractor: Craftsmen Unlimited, Inc.


As a get away on ‘the island’, this graciously proportioned home easily accommodates the empty nest owners as well as the family reunion crowd of twenty. There is a ‘work or watch’ kitchen open to the bright yet cozy living dining areas, and a secluded den along with three large dormitory bedrooms. Ample decks look out over the frisbee-golf course, a gentleman’s garden, Puget Sound, Whidbey Island and the Olympics.


Paring down from an idiosyncratic house custom designed for a boat enthusiast and his first mate, the resulting modern design on a gentle slope retains many of the original layout features while cutting costs by 50%. Pacific NW Modernist open plan and views.

Contractor: Reijnen Company Construction